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Enter anything like "Drake", "7 rings" or "ASMR Eating Fruit". Pick the video, click on it. We will show options to convert video to mp3.

MP3.LOL - Convert Youtube to Mp3

Hello! We are new & we want to be friends. Check it out, we have this cool new site. It helps liberate youtube music, convert to mp3 and copy to your device. We are not gonna beat around the bush, we made this site for ourselves, so... Enjoy! After you try, we guarantee you won't need to go searching for fresh music anywhere else. Ok then, try! Enter something in the white box and see what happens...

How to use MP3.LOL? Easy!!

Well, if you are reading this, maybe something isn't clear enough. We know, sometimes programmers forget that others don't often see things the way they see them.. So, if you find something is not cleat, here are a few step by step instructions. We do have this suggestive search, if you enter 1 letter "a", it will already suggest "ariana grande" and you can proceed to 12 most popular videos of hers.. And so:

1 - open MP3:-DLOL search youtube

2 - decide drake or nicky jam

3 - see what's hot on youtube

4 - download music LOL @youtube

If it's hard to find some special song you know is on youtube, simply find it on youtube, copy its link, then paste the link into the box above, and hit go. We can work with video link, or we can simply help you find video via our search, and forget about those links!

How to find & copy Youtube video link?

This is in case you don't wanna forget those links.. :-D No problems, we can't forget them either. That's why we also work with video links. It's really easy to find video link on a desktop PC - simply open the video and see what it says in browser address bar, copy it and there you got the link. In the app, or on any embedded video anywhere, you can always look for the Share button, every video from youtube has share button on it. It provides native methods of copying the URL (video link) into your device clipboard.

How to download youtube mp3? Is it safe?

Yes, as long as you don't go around trying to profit from this, it is safe.. Or did you care for website safety? Well, we use 2 thirdparty mp3 converter buttons, so yeah, those may sometimes produce a popup or something.. But we tried to subdue those with special instructions.

How to add ID-tags and cover to video?

No worries, our preferred green button (above the red button) actually does it for you. It will populate id-tags of the mp3 it's working on for you with Artist name, album, graphic cover, if any, genre, add song lyrics to mp3 if possible, etc. Very comfortable from our point of view, helps go around your music library so much easier..

Why search Youtube for music? Is it fresh?

Definitely! These days youtube gets all the major music from all over the world. Because it allows monetizing, those videos of 100mil views have definitely generaged their uploaders around USD 50k, or so.. So they bring all their new music to youtube, trying to get paid. Then we go and liberate this new track.. Cause we want it too!! Also if want video, try youtube mp4 or youtubemp3..

Can we download Youtube Playlist here?

We do work with playlists. To start you'll need a playlist link, submit it and see the list of tracks. Your're now on the page that does just playlist, so watch out, it may not work for normal youtube links.. But it will search youtube for playlists, so...


if you want some features, give us an email here is the address. we love to talk shop... no, not a good joke? we love to talkwith users who like to use our work...

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